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I create art glass beads.


My inspiration comes from the colors, textures and patterns of the natural and human-made landscape. I love capturing these influences in the mesmerizing honey consistency of molten glass. Each unique piece, worked by hand using traditional methods, becomes a kind of ‘practice’, joining focus (on the specific bead as if in prayer/meditation), action (the dance or martial art of material creation), elements (liquid and matter in transformation) and spirit (color, shape, light).


The historical and cross-cultural relevance of beads is fascinating - they have been used in so many ways, as talismans, ornamentation, status symbols, as an element of slave trade, dowries, religious articles and barter. Beads have become a meditation upon human history and culture - working with them connects me to the world community.


My studio is located in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. And I teach at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center..

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